Are There Any Free Gay Dating Sites?

There are gay dating sites galore on the World Wide Web, just waiting for members like you to join. Most of these platforms encourage closeted users to join, attracting and fully supporting the LGBTQ community.

Nitty – Gritty on the Best Free Gay Dating Sites

The best free gay dating sites provide a safe platform for men seeking men. These sites boast real personals for members looking for short and long-term dating from other gay members. Ordinarily, the users will be looking for other homosexual members who are online, nearby, seeking serious relationships or hookups.

These niche sites are created solely to bring together like-minded gays for good clean dating. The difference between regular hookup sites and your legit free dating site is in the member base. Gay sites primarily host gay men and a few LGBTQ members. Regular sites play host to all and sundry.

logo buddygays


User Base: A free gay dating site for the younger crowd, it boasts mostly American men, 300K to be exact, seeking men for casual dating

Special Features: Like Gallery, Flirtcast, and a 3-day trial with a satisfaction guarantee policy

Mobile App: No app available

logo gaystryst


User Base: Boasts 350K members in the USA alone seeking casual dating with a few (limited) seeking serious dating

Special Features: Flirtcast for intimate chatting, a satisfaction guarantee policy, and safe mode

Mobile App: No app available

logo benaughty


User Base: A mixture of various sexual orientations and gender, seeking gay, hetero, and bisexual dating

Special Features: Flirtcast, Safe mode, Like Gallery, and account promotion via winks and en masse messaging

Mobile App: App available for Android platforms only – not compatible with iOS

logo adam4adam


Use Base: One hundred percent of gay men seeking men primarily for casual encounters, and a few numbers looking out for relationship-seeking men.

Special Features: Live cams, an online sex shop, and sex movies

Mobile App: App available for iOS and Android in APK format

logo onlylads


User Base: Men seeking men for serious relationships – with a few looking for and landing casual hookups

Special Features: Nearby, access to profile views and friends and favorites lists

Mobile App: Compatible with iOS and Android systems

Peruse Our List of Quick Gay Dating Safety Tips

When you feel like something is wrong, it probably is, and any suspicious activity online should be reported immediately. Gay dating in bars presents health and security risks, which is why people join online platforms.

Be sure to visit profiles as you engage members online, reporting those that seem wanting in detail yet extremely active in soliciting private info. When using chatrooms, do not share too much information. No one needs to know where you live, nor is a gay site a place to solicit financial help.

All these are shady behaviors that mandate blocking members and/or reporting them. Once you decide to meet, take a friend along with you. Have them join or sit somewhere close, at least for your first date.

If your pal cannot join you, give them full details on the location, phone numbers of the date, and other pertinent information.

How to Lookout for Scams

When chatting, any attempt to get money from you, or insistence that a total stranger online will help you get a better subscription deal, is a scam. Also, being bombarded with messages from the get-go could be a bot attempting to phish information from you.

Meet in a Public Place – for Safety Reasons

For the safest gay meets possible, find a place with crowds or a few people other than you and this perfect stranger. If anything goes sideways, little or no harm will come to you when people witness abuse. It is also easier to get up and walk away without your date harassing you to stay.

Tips on How to Tell If a Gay Dating App Is Good

Gay dating sites worth checking out, and joining, will have the following characteristics:

  • They will always boast the most genuine personals on the web. The best sites will not have any copied and pasted material. Photos such as avatars or celebrities are removed immediately.
  • The best gay site will have a downloadable app available, an Android and iOS device. These apps facilitate on-the-go chatting, updating of profile information, and hookups for mobile members.
  • If an app is good, it will have several decent reviews. Do not use apps with countless negative reviews, regardless of who suggests or recommends the site. The most popular gay sites play host to hundreds of thousands of members from the LGBTQ community, from different races and countries.
  • To find the best gay app, check its security certificates. This TSL or SSL encrypting certificate takes care of messaging security/anonymity and financial transactions.

Check If Site Verifies Each User

To be sure you are on the right site, review if admins vet profiles and verify users before approval. Verification carried out using phone numbers and/or email addresses is credible. Sites that do not mandate verification, allowing Facebook sign-ups instead, is a no-no.

Matching System – Does It Work?

A decent gay site must have a dedicated matchmaking system. To find out if it works, set up a preference fully capturing what you seek in a partner, including your location (and where they should be). Once this information is readily available for users to peruse, sit back and wait for messages.

Dating Someone Using a Gay Dating Site/App – How Does It Work?

Create a profile with all pertinent details. These details should cover your vitals, including bio information and physical characteristics. Once your information has gone live, send flirts and winks to any member of your liking. Relationship sites with chatrooms are the best. Use these rooms to engage other members in some fun, intimate chatting.

When you meet a member you fancy online, take him to private messaging. Use this chance to video message each other, exchanging info on your interests and fantasies, if you will. Once you are comfortable with their profiles and feel they may be genuine, take them out on a date.

While still online, be sure to vet profiles yourself, albeit admins will have taken care of this bit. Engage members with live online chats, and call them if the opportunity arises. Gay hookup sites remove the element of discrimination found in bars.

What's the Difference between Online and Offline Dating – If Any?

Offline meets may revolve around sending text messages, but it normally is the traditional form of dating. Partners have physical meets at restaurants or bars, and many will spend time in family gatherings too. With offline dates, less time is spent chatting and messaging.

People see each other face to face, and emotions may flare with both parties experiencing everything first hand.

Online dating revolves around ample time spent on sites chatting, flirting, and sending each other naughty videos. Thus, online dating becomes impersonal, and all you can do to get one's attention is send sexy videos, winks, or keep texting.

Get to Know What People Mean by Gay Dating Online

When you meet at a bar or restaurant with your buddies and would like to be open and free, as gay men, it may not work. Many towns still have homophobic residents who create very hostile environments for the gay community. With that said, dating online is meant to create a safe, friendly, and non-discriminatory environment for the gay community.

Thus, gay dating online is when men and women meet like-minded people online for intimate chats and more. Singles become couples online, sharing personal stories and intimate thoughts just like they would in a physical setting.

Free Polyamorous Dating Sites
Free Polyamorous Dating Sites

Free dating sites attracting men and women, seeking to have multiple consensual physical meets and romantic relationships.

Free Hookup Dating Sites
Free Hookup Dating Sites

These sites play host to members, young and old, with less time for long-term unions and more for instant gratification – wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, and goodbye.

Free Legitimate Dating Sites
Free Legitimate Dating Sites

It is a general term for sites that cater to all and sundry – you don't need to be heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or pansexual. Simply sign up and get the relationship type you seek.

Free Teen Dating Sites
Free Teen Dating Sites

As the title states, they facilitate friendships and, many times, casual dating between teenagers. Interestingly enough, most members will be of the older variety.

Free Casual Dating Sites
Free Casual Dating Sites

Similar to hookup sites, most of the members are not seeking serious dating. You will find mostly young adults, between 25-35, seeking casual dating and/or one-night stands.

Free Dating Sites for Over 50
Free Dating Sites for Over 50

Most personals will be of older women and men, looking for nothing too serious. However, there are always younger men, in particular, seeking a cougar or sugar daddy for a lover.