Are There Any Legit Hookup Sites

There are plenty of legit hookup websites available for members to join. However, research is required to find these sites worth joining – which is where our review comes in.

What Do the Best Free Legit Hookup Sites Constitute?

If you are new to hookup sites, a word of caution; there are still plenty of bogus dating platforms out there. With that said, there are several legit, easy-to-use hookup forums too. These sites are rare to find for several reasons, including, of course, price. The best sites require security certificates. Few sites offer SSL encryption while giving you free-to-use options.

These constitute part of the list of the best free legit hookup sites. Other criteria to use when identifying the best free hookup sites is the issue of authenticity. The best sites listed herein boast real personals for your perusal. Anonymity is emphasized, too, with utmost discreetness.

logo onenightfriend


User Base: Young and old men and women seeking short-term flings and hookups; the site fully supports the LGBTQ community, blacks and Latinos included

Special Features: Free winks, Like Gallery, FlirtCast, and advanced search parameters

Mobile App: No app for iOS or Android – mobile-adaptive site only

logo benaughty


User Base: Mostly young men and women seeking intimate chats for hookup planning purposes

Special Features: Account promotion (Winks and Free messages), Safe Mode (full and basic), and Free messaging for female accounts

Mobile App: Available for Android users only – no iOS compatibility

logo iwantblacks


User Base: A site for blacks and those who love them – young and old non-blacks join almost every day seeking black hookups

Special Features: Flirtcast, Like Gallery, Safe Modes, Account promotion via winks and free messages, and a satisfaction guarantee policy

Mobile App: No app available for Android or iOS

logo wantmatures


User Base: A mature base with a large number of young men seeking mature hookups; the site fully embraces the LGBTQ community

Special Features: Like Gallery, 3-day Satisfaction Guarantee, plus Safe Mode and Flirtcast

Mobile App: No App available for Android or iOS

logo together2night


User Base: Young men and women seeking hookups and no-strings-attached relationships between heterosexuals and bi-curious/bi-sexual members

Special Features: Chatrooms, relationship suggestions, and profile video uploads, like-minded members can view your profile, members grouped according to your preferences

Mobile App: Android and iOS app available to download

A Few Handy Quick Hookup Safety Tips

Before delving into the safety tips, let’s highlight a few reasons why hookups require added vigilance. Unlike traditional dating, hookups involve meeting up with strangers, possibly on blind dates, sometimes in dingy places. For a safe hookup, a few steps need to be taken to avoid harm:

  • Always drag a best friend along. In case of anything, they can raise the alarm. A hookup is not worth your life.
  • If you can’t find someone to tag along with you, leave them full details of your hookup location. Mention restaurants you will visit, the member’s names, and possibly their contacts.
  • Always meet in your vicinity. Take them to a place you are familiar with, like a bar/restaurant close to work or home. The hookup should take place somewhere familiar too.
  • Any casual flings facilitated online should be carried out on a legit hookup site listed above.

Look out for Scams – Red-Flags

Visit sites boasting real profiles and pay attention to shifty, shady messages that raise red flags. If you find a member suspicious, report their account to admins. Signs of fake scam accounts include rushed and illogical messages. Any attempt on the site to solicit funds, or financial information from you, is a sign of scams.

Be Sure to Meet in a Public Place

On meeting in familiar places, be sure to meet your hookup at a public building. If something can go wrong, it probably will. Sticking to public areas takes care of two things – if things are going awry, you can show discomfort and have people come to your rescue. If you leave the area with your hookup, and something sinister happens after that, they will remember who you left with.

Tips on How to Tell If Hookup Site/App Is Legit

There are a few key points to remember when you join a hookup site:

  • Hookup sites attract, unfortunately, a few not-so-good individuals. To tell if you are dealing with a pervert, they will always veer away from an honest conversation. For example, instead of discussing preferences, they may insist on sending lewd photos, videos and asking for personal details.
  • Another way to tell if hookup sites will get you into risky dating circumstances is when members ask for financial and location information. Your profile will show your city location or hood, which is enough. Members soliciting private address information, while others ask for financial help, are both red flags. You are on the wrong dating site.
  • Legit hookup sites will get you safely dating in no time – the keyword being safety. If the hookup sites you joined do not boast TSL or SSL encryption, your private data may be leaking.

A Legit Site Verifies Every User

The safest hookup sites always verify users, freezing currently running accounts with identity issues. Your profile will be vetted from the onset, and email verification is carried out on legit hookup sites. If the site allows for Facebook connectivity and does not mandate email verification, steer clear and visit other hookup sites.

Matching System – Bullseye or Bummer?

Legit hookup sites have a matchmaking system that uses algorithms to get you closer to matches. If it works, you will have instant connections to matches nearby soon after joining. Dating on a site with a matchmaking system is easy because it will boast easy-to-use advanced search parameters.

How Can I Get Laid Using a Dating App? – Glad You Asked

Getting that sough-after hookup safely and discreetly is easy on a legit dating app. Use the search filters to narrow down what you seek in a partner. Anonymity is a key when dating online, and a review of discreet sites will help you get laid faster. It is because using a discreet site makes members comfortable sharing their intimate desires. Once you join the right dating app, be as open about your preferences as possible, applying the following steps to ensure faster, and fun dating:

  • Use the chatrooms to engage other members for any type of dating you desire.
  • If you are gay, bi, or unsure, mention these facts on your profile or in private messaging. If you don’t let it out online, you won’t mention it in reality/physically.
  • Use mobile dating apps to update information while on the go. Message like-minded members while on the move. They could be in proximity as you ride the bus.

Difference between a Hookup and Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits present a less-risky environment compared to hookups from the onset. However, there are other differences between the two:

  • A friend with benefit is someone you have known for a while, perhaps even share thoughts, ideas, and quality time (as friends). On the other hand, a hookup can be and is usually a stranger.
  • A friend with benefits knows your in-and-outs; thus, there is no need to share preferences et al. A hookup may only know you by face, through your profile pic, which he/she hopes is the real you.

What Do People Mean by Hooking up – Let Us Expound

Hooking up is having a no-strings-attached sexual affair. These strings have to be severed if they begin to get attached. A hookup involves having sex, almost always with a total stranger, with whom you’ve shared a few intimate text messages.

Hooking up removes the element of emotions and feelings associated with traditional dating and allows people to satisfy their sexual needs. Once these needs are met, individuals part ways and plan for another hookup, more often with a different party altogether. Hooking up is the most common form of casual dating today, and mature men and women seeking the same on hookup sites daily.

Free MILF Dating Sites
Free MILF Dating Sites

These sites play host to older women, be they cougars or sugar mummies, and the younger men who adore them.

Free Gay Dating Sites
Free Gay Dating Sites

Niche hookup sites cater to gay dating men and women, attracting bisexuals, bi-curious, and a few closeted members.

Free Legitimate Dating Sites
Free Legitimate Dating Sites

Free to join and use sites, these are affiliated with renowned matchmaking services, providing authentic personals for their members.

Free Teen Dating Sites
Free Teen Dating Sites

Free-to-use sites for budget-oriented members, users are younger men and women mostly seeking fun chats, networking, and friendships.

Free Casual Dating Sites
Free Casual Dating Sites

They offer free personals, budget-friendly accounts, and facilitate casual, no strings attached relationships or hookups.

Free Dating Sites for Over 50
Free Dating Sites for Over 50

Free-to-use account options for mature singles or couples and a few younger persons seeking casual dating with senior members.