Are There Any Free Black Dating Sites?

There are black dating sites galore for African American singles and non-blacks who admire them. These sites offer neat and authentic personals for men and women looking for all types of relationships.

Best Free Black Dating – What’s on Offer?

The best free black dating sites do not discriminate based on race. They are, in fact, the exact opposite. These platforms embrace all manner of black dating, including interracial dating between blacks and Caucasians, Asians, and Latinos. The best black apps also contain vetted profiles, so members aren’t chatting with known felons or bots.

When seeking the best black dating website to join, look for reviewed sites like those listed below. Chances are, they offer the highest quality profiles on the web, for free, with a mobile-optimized site or a downloadable app to boot.IWantBlacks

logo iwantblacks


User Base: 70% male user base, with a large number of users between 25-35 years of age

Special Features: Flirtcast, Like Gallery, Safe Mode, and a Satisfaction Guarantee policy

Mobile App: No app available

logo benaughty


User Base: The number one site for hookups and all things casual dating, boasts young and old members seeking intimate chatting and one-night stands

Special Features: Account promotion and safe mode options

Mobile App: Available only for Android users

logo blacksingles


User Base: User base is primarily black folks, younger, seeking NSA dating; there are noticeably a few Caucasian males seeking black love.

Special Features: Color code personality profiles, a Favorites List

Mobile App: Mobile adaptive site available

logo onenightfriend


User Base: Younger crowd of below 30 yrs. of age, seeking nothing short of one-time flings; nothing serious, and no long-term relationships

Special Features: View who has been online, advanced searching

Mobile App: None available

logo blackcupid


User Base: Members above 30 years of age seeking long-term relationships, with a decent 80% male membership base

Special Features: Show interest, cupid tags, and preferences vs match’s profile

Mobile App: Android app only

Quick Black Dating Safety Tips for New Members

Throw all stereotypes out of the backdoor before joining black dating sites. Whatever you presume a black man should have, or how you think a black woman should behave, all need to be forgotten. Take it as a lesson to learn about a new culture if you aren’t already black.

If you happen to be comfortable in your skin, with no biases, take to black sites like any other platform. Be vigilant when chatting and divulging information. Never mention factors like home addresses or business addresses. Do not mention anything family-related to total strangers online.

If you seek raunchy sexual escapades on black dating sites, mention that unequivocally. These sites, like any other, boast real men and women with little time to waste. Be open about what you seek, and they will reciprocate. Instances of someone going on a revenge mission because you played with their feelings are not unheard of.

Stay Woke – Look out For Scams

Yes, stay woke and pay attention to subtle signs that point to something more sinister. When you join black sites, the subscription offers are in plain view. Any member attempting to offer you better deals in between chats is a scammer. Report such behaviors immediately, and block all perpetrators.

Do Not Forget to Meet in a Public Place

It should be number one in any relationship book; not only on black dating sites but for every first encounter you endeavor. Take time to find a familiar spot, maybe near your home or office, and be sure it is public - pick a restaurant with plenty of witnesses.

Hints on How to Tell If Black Dating Site/App Is Good

Does it boast clean-looking personals, and upon review, are these personals and profiles vetted before going live? If so, you are probably on the right black hookup sites, and if the sites are owned and operated by renowned hookup service providers, that is a good sign. Most black dating apps will prioritize members’ safety.

It will involve providing a safe platform for you to engage other members. This safety measure usually entails using an SSL or TSL encrypted system. It allows members to chat with anonymity and discretion and carry out transactions without fear of unauthorized use of their credit card information.

Additionally, the right black app has to cater to all things black relationships and more. It includes facilitating interracial unions, the LGBTQ community, as well as MILF and cougars. Black apps set milestones for others to follow. It is how to tell your black dating app is good.

Check If Site Verifies Each User

The best Afro-American sites verify all members before allowing profiles to go on-air. It is for identification purposes, and it facilitates better safety for all members. Sites that promote one-minute registration via FB, with no mandated verification process, are scams that you should steer clear of.

Matching System – What It Is

All decent afro-centric apps will have a matchmaking system. Quite simply, it takes all your vitals and virtues, which presumably you uploaded when setting up your profile. It then synchronizes it with other profiles and uses such information to connect you to like-minded people within proximity.

Successfully Dating Someone Using a Black Dating Site/App

To date someone using these apps and be successful at it, create a decent and detailed profile. It involves listing all your likes and dislikes, not forgetting vital information related to age, gender, and location. Once this information is on the sites, the algorithmic systems will try matching you with someone close by.

When you manage to find a member to engage, use the features on your Afro-American sites of choice to communicate as much as possible. Communication is what sets apart offline and online dating, and with a free messaging option, a date is a Wink away. So send winks, preset messages, and Flirtcast to engage members at no cost.

When members respond, use video messaging and private messaging to your advantage. Some things cannot be said or done in bars or streets without getting arrested – but ethnic dating sites will allow them. Capitalize on this freedom to find yourself a casual fling today.

Offline and Online Dating Differences

There is no anonymity with offline hookups unless you are wearing a mask. With online meets, you can mix it up how you want, make yourself as artificial as possible, with the other member not being the wiser. Your CV is what people see on the website, which could be very from the truth.

However, you could fake a few things at a physical meet, but it will know your real physical traits and experience that first impression.

Online dating is cheap. You can join African-American sites for free, send messages for free and check out profiles for free. Offline, you can do not so much, and drinks, cabs, and club memberships are involved.

Precisely What Do People Mean by Black Online Dating?

You can date black people offline, which is the traditional way of hooking up. However, online afro-dating involves perusing personal ads of afro- American singles, seeking African-American singles for like-minded fun.

These ads may not be for blacks seeking blacks only; meaning other races with various sexual desires will seek similar-minded people online.

It is dating that takes place in the virtual realm, with all conversations, flirtations, plans for rendezvous, and intimate chats taking place online.

In a nutshell, black dating online involves a somewhat superficial, fantasy-filled rendezvous experience until members meet physically.

Free Polyamorous Dating Sites
Free Polyamorous Dating Sites

They offer members a chance to chat with other polyamorous dating couples for free, with profiles of members seeking non-exclusive relationships.

Free Gay Dating Sites
Free Gay Dating Sites

These boast personals of men seeking men and other sexual orientations like bisexuals and bi-curious men looking for like-minded partners.

Free Legitimate Dating Sites
Free Legitimate Dating Sites

It is free-to-use apps allowing members to find similar-minded locals for LGBTQ, straight, and interracial dating fun.

Free Teen Dating Sites
Free Teen Dating Sites

These primarily boast teenagers looking to build relationships with peers and older members aged between 20 and 30.

Free Casual Dating Sites
Free Casual Dating Sites

These sites provide platforms for gays, straight, and all races seeking NSA dating flings, or short-term relationships, with free casual flings personals.

Free Dating Sites for Over 50
Free Dating Sites for Over 50

These fabulous sites cater for safe senior dating among older men and women seeking casual flings and youth seeking senior companionship.