Are There Any Free Legit Dating Apps?

There are more free dating apps of a legitimate kind to date than ever during Craigslist days. Check out these online dating apps offering legit personals on sound platforms for your dating pleasure.

Discover the Best Free Legit Dating Apps

Online dating has taken off over the past few decades for several reasons, including boredom, safety, and lack of diversity in traditional dating. Apps have been developed to bring like-minded people together for various relationship needs. These needs are based on emotional and physical needs.

The best legal and free apps incorporate cool features enabling members to surf for free, check out personals, and chat for free with users nearby. Legit sites are backed, owned, or run by a renowned sister or parent company. Such companies include Together Networks,, and indeed OkCupid.

logo flirt


User Base: Plays host to a younger crowd, mostly 25-35 years of age; this crowd seeks flirting pleasure; fewer members seek long-term relationships

Special Features: Profile video uploads, Flirtcast, Like Gallery, and you can request more info if you find a profile wanting

Mobile App: No downloadable app available

logo onenightfriend


User Base: As the name suggests, most members seek one-night stands, nothing long-term or serious; most members are 24-34 years old men, who make up 76% of the OneNightFriend populace

Special Features: Advanced search filters, a Like Gallery, and Flirtcast

Mobile App: No app available

logo flirtymature


This website's primary goal is to connect mature singles - men and women who are over 40 to find romance. Old singles looking for casual flings as well as long-term connections can rely on this site.

Special features: Stress-free signup process, customized search features for senior age people, ability to upload personalized profiles, and date seniors nearby

Mobile App: App for Android devices is available

logo benaughty


User Base: 25 -35 years of age men and women seeking legit, casual hookups; several members engage in flirty texting and intimate video chats

Special Features: Advanced search parameters, Winks, Flirtcast, and a Like Gallery

Mobile App: Available for Android platforms only – not compatible with iOS

logo tinder


User Base: It is a legitimate dating site, if ever there was one, with approximately 30 mil users to date, seeking everything from casual, short-term dating to long-term marriage unions

Special Features: Boost, Super Boost, Super Like, Rewind, and Top Picks

Mobile App: Available for iOS and Android

Quick Dating Safety Tips for All Weather

Here are a few all-weather tips, specifically for members with gay, heterosexual, or any other sexual orientations. Legit dating sites will draw you closer to similar-minded people, but safety concerns must be addressed.

  • After joining legit dating sites, be sure to pay attention to your chats. If members are soliciting financial information, block them, report them and leave the site if you can.
  • When planning to meet members you met on these legit sites, take a friend along. If they cannot commit to joining you, send them all relevant information. It should include contacts of your date, the rendezvous location, and the time you plan to leave (return).
  • Never share more than what is needed. Information concerning residential or work addresses should never come up if you are on a legit dating site because users you chat, and meet with, will be genuine.

Tips on How to Lookout for Scams

Pay attention to scammers based on your chats, messages, and responses. Scammers on said legit sites pretend to be empathetic while asking for money to help you get better subscription deals. Also, they may insist on meeting sooner than you were planning to. All these are red flags – report them immediately.

Emphasize That You Meet in a Public Place

Always meet people at a public place, even if you started chatting on a legit dating site. Perverts are everywhere, but meeting in public eliminates safety concerns. There is little they can do to harm you if you are in a crowd, especially if you show signs of being harassed or abused.

Expound on How to Tell If Dating Site/ App Is Legit

  • To tell if you are using legit sites, the personals you encounter are real, and the people behind them will be genuine.
  • Legit dating sites provide members with cool mobile versions of their websites. In addition to these mobile versions, there are downloadable apps facilitating meets on all levels. The apps allow users to flirt via messaging and update their profiles.
  • If a site is legitimate, it will boast SSL-secured platforms, with admins vetting profiles and freezing accounts with avatars or cartoon characters. It is usually carried to ensure profile and account information pertains to the user. Otherwise, you may be dealing with scammers or bots.
  • Legit sites provide safe mode browsing too. Here, you can set who you receive messages from. The settings vary from accepting messages from non-verified/ red-flagged members to only accepting texts from fully verified users.

Is the Site Legit If It Verifies Each User?

If you happen to join these platforms that verify their users, they are most likely legitimate. It is because the process involves email or phone number identity verification. With these approaches, you are assured to be chatting with a real member before approving a profile.

Matching System – Legit or Bust

Legitimate sites have dedicated matchmaking systems, using algorithms to match you only with those members matching your preferences. This system, along with advanced search parameters, can and should be found on any legit matchmaking website; otherwise, you may be wasting your time and resources waiting in vain.

Procedure to Date Someone with a Legit Dating Site

For starters, legit dating sites play a key role in bringing like-minded people together, especially as safe platforms for naughty chatting. Finding a hookup or relationship buddy is easy with the following steps:

  • Create a cool profile with captivating pics and video uploads if the sites allow. Once your profile is approved and live, send winks, pre-set messages, and pokes to engage members. Also, use like galleries to show appreciation of other profiles.
  • Once you are actively chatting, swiping, and uploading, members, will invite you to chatrooms. Join these groups and make all your desires known, but don’t share private information.
  • Use private messaging to share videos and plant your desires in the minds of other users. You do not need to worry about sharing intimate stories on a legit site: they don’t leak.
  • Plan safe meets via private messaging, and always drag a friend for that first date.

What’s the Difference between Online and Offline Dating?

Meeting and chatting on the web may lead to more texting and video messaging. With time, certain members will spend more time revealing who they are online via emails, messages, or intimate videos.

These activities sound familiar because they are precisely what couples engage in – they share deep thoughts and intimacy while dating.

On the other hand, traditional dating involved physically meeting, and attending gatherings, and even church together. Essentially, offline involves meeting people in the real world. You get to ask questions while on the street, talk to strangers and plan for your first date with someone you’ve already met.

What Do People Mean by Dating Online –Online Dating Defined

Dating online means sharing your most intimate thoughts with one person, or a few, like you, would in the real world. With online dating, an individual never experiences the physical aspects of real dating.

For instance, people meet for drinks, lunches, dinners, and family gatherings in the real world. All these personal activities are null and void while dating online.

Equally important is the issue of sex. Joining a legit dating site only means you will share intimate videos, but that is where the intimacy ends. Members don’t get to have sex on a real, personal level. Instead, they may send each other nude pics and a few short, naughty videos on private chats.

Free Polyamorous Dating Sites
Free Polyamorous Dating Sites

The category is members seeking multiple romantic and physical relationships with members who concur, are in unison, and consent of the same.

Free Gay Dating Sites
Free Gay Dating Sites

They cater to the needs of gay men and women while embracing and encouraging closeted and bisexuals to join.

Free Black Dating Sites
Free Black Dating Sites

Incidentally and fortunately enough, these sites do not cater solely to black members. They are meant for blacks and non-blacks who love them.

Free Teen Dating Sites
Free Teen Dating Sites

Predominantly host teenage girls and boys, seeking friendships, casual relationships, and short-term dating. A few older gents have been known to frequent these sites as well.

Free Casual Dating Sites
Free Casual Dating Sites

Facilitate hookups and no strings attached rendezvous between all sexual orientations and all races. Most casual dating sites are legit, offering sound platforms for intimate flirting.

Free Dating Sites for Over 50
Free Dating Sites for Over 50

These cool platforms connect older men and women usually for casual, like-minded fun, with a few youngsters joining as well.