OneNightFriend Review - Solution for Lonely Nights?

OneNightFriend has a high reputation; a lot of people are putting it on the list of best hookup sites. But is it as good as they say? Read and find out.

Arguments to Use OneNightFriend

We’ll go straight for the jugular; OneNightFriend is worth it if you’re fine with casual relationships. Many factors determine if a dating site is legit, but the most important is the success rate. OneNightFriend has a very high success rate when connecting singles looking for somebody who’ll keep them warm for one night. Other than that, these are 5 pros of OneNightFriend compared to other sites.

a lot of members

it’s easy to register

safe mode

great for women

advanced matchmaking - shows only singles who are in 62 miles radius from your location

Membership Base

OneNightFriend has almost 600,000 members in the USA alone. The majority of members are people in the prime of their lives. An average user of this dating site is between 24 and 35 years old. The gender ratio is astonishing if you’re a lady. There are 3 times more men than women on the site.

With 20,000 daily logins, the OneNightFriend community might seem inactive. But you don’t send messages for months before meeting in person on a site like this. You meet and hook up. That’s why some members don’t log in for a week or two. They’re satisfied.

sign up process on onenightfriend
How to Register and Create a Profile?

Registering to OneNightFriend won't make you tired. Singing into this dating site will take less than 5 minutes, and you can do it on your phone. Go to the homepage and fill in the following info:

  • your sexual orientation (for example, a woman looking for men)
  • age
  • location - so the algorithm can present you with members close to you
  • password
  • email

Seconds after you tap sign in, your phone will beep because you’ll receive an email with a verification link. Follow it, and you’ll become a verified user. That’s important because it shows you’re a real person and helps find matches for a night.

onenightfriend profile

How to Use OneNightFriend

You know how to use a smartphone or a PC, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way around the site. After registration, you’ll be able to send free winks to other members, but you won’t be able to send messages. Either you’ll be able to read the received messages. As a free user, you can browse other members' profiles, but that will only boil your blood if you don’t become a premium member.

After that, the dating site unlocks all its features to you, and you’re ready to search for matches.

Matchmaking Process

We mentioned advanced matchmaking earlier in this review. This site will do most of the job for you by presenting your members near you. Yours is only to pick those users you like and send them a message. Since they’ll see you’re somewhere near, you can expect them to slide in your direct messages.

Of course, if you’re ready for a trip, that feature can be turned off, and you can browse profiles manually. Search for members you’d like to start dating for one night based on age, hair colour, height, or body type. Advanced matchmaking is great for quick success, but the manual search is always fun as well.

searching on onenightfriend

OneNightFriend App Review

OneNightFriend is one of the dating sites that didn’t bother with creating any apps. There is no Android or IOS app available, but you won’t miss them. The mobile version of this dating site works perfectly smoothly. It’s even better than a desktop version because everything is at your fingertips. In just a couple of touches, you can switch from browsing to chatting and then to browsing again. You’ll feel like you’re in a bar surrounded by singles looking for one-night stands. If you ask us, only the best hookup sites can make you feel that way.

OneNightFriend Services

OneNightFriend services are different for free and premium members, the same as on every other dating site. Let’s see what you can do for free and what will cost you a couple of dollars.

Free Features

free registration lets you become an OneNightFriend user

you can fill in your profile and upload photos and/or videos

you can send winks to all other members

liking photos in like gallery is free as well

you can use search functions, but you can’t use advanced matchmaking

Paid Features
After you upgrade your profile to the premium, you’ll unlock:

unlimited messages (sending and receiving)

you’ll be able to see full profiles of other members

advanced matchmaking and full search results will become visible

chatting will become much more fun because you’ll be able to send and receive photos and videos

Pricing Plans

While upgrading your membership on this dating site, you’ll be asked how long you want to be a premium user. You can choose between 3 different plans.

Plan 1
Since OneNightFriend isn’t one of those dating sites that allow you to get a 3-day-trial, the first plan is full-month membership. Our advice is to take that plan first to see if you like this dating site. You’ll probably fall in love with it, so the next time you’ll choose a plan 2 or 3.
Price: $39,00 / month
Plan 2
Plan 2 is suitable for those with a strong sexual desire because it lasts for 3 months. In two months on the OneNightFriend dating site, you can meet many potential matches and spend some night moaning. The price of $65,70 for 3 months is peanuts than the experiences you'll have on this dating site.
Price: $21,90/ month
Plan 3
OneNightFriend Plan 3 is for ultra horny and durable singles who want to hook up often during the next 6 months. It costs $106,20.
Price: $17,70/ month

OneNightFriend Benefits

These are the main benefits of OneNightFriend:

  • easy to register
  • works great on smartphones and desktop
  • easy to find matches
  • safe

Milestones of OneNightFriend

Like every other dating site, OneNightFriend has some cons:

  • seemingly inactive community
  • only paid members can get the most out of this site

OneNightFriend Reviews by Users

This is what some of the members have to say about OneNightFriend.

Mark Johnson, 32

This site helped me meet new naughty people after I moved to a new town. In the first month, I got 3 hookups.

Pam Dodson, 27

I’m a shy girl (or at least I used to be), so joining a site like this was a big step for me. Months later I couldn’t be happier trying it.

Michael Scott, 22

I live in a small town, so finding hookups wasn’t easy before I tried this site. Its algorithm showed me singles in my area, and life became easier instantly.

Experts Conclusion

It’s obvious from this review that OneNightFriend is a legit site full of members looking for sex. If you need satisfaction, our advice is to give this site a try.

Is chatting at OneNightFriend free?

No. Only paid members have unlimited messages.

Can I connect the OneNightFriend app to my Facebook account?

No, they did that to protect the privacy of their users.

Is the One NightFriend app legit?

Yes. You can easily find hookups there.