SeniorsToDate Review - Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire, OR?

SeniorsToDate is a popular dating site for single seniors (mostly) in the USA and UK. It’s a bit different from most sites because it almost forces you to chat with other members. Don’t get us wrong, that’s a good feature; it makes the dating site more useful, and the community is very active.

5 arguments to use SeniorsToDate

lack of info on profiles makes members curious and more active than on similar dating sites

it’s one of just a few seniors sites with (kind of) free legitimate dating apps

there are no language barriers because most members come from English speaking countries

well-balanced gender ratio

good for all kinds of relationships

Membership Base

There are no surprises when it comes to the community on SeniorsToDate. Members are seniors (people over 50) looking for a company online. By company, we mean both casual and serious relationships. Some members want to chat online, but the majority are ready for the real thing. SeniorsToDate community is mostly straight people, but there are some gay men and lesbians on the site.

Usually, dating sites have a lot more male than female members, but on SeniorsToDate, that’s not the case. There are still more men than women, but the difference isn’t that bad. 56% of members are men, 44% are ladies.

sign up process on onenightfriend
How to Register and Create a Profile?

You’d surely know how to register and create a profile without reading this review because it’s so simple. But since you’re here, we’ll tell you exactly what to do to create a SeniorsToDate profile. Visit their official site and provide the following info:

  • your gender and if you are looking for men or women (gays and bisexuals can join too)
  • your age (don’t lie about it, this is a seniors dating site)
  • email
  • password
  • location

After that, upload a profile photo, and your profile is good to go. You can upload videos and add a bit more info about yourself later.

onenightfriend profile

How to Use SeniorsToDate

Using this platform is even easier than creating a profile. Since this dating site’s main focus is the appearance of members, you’ll find many matches in a game called “Cute or Not?”. Apart from chat and chat rooms, that’s the most popular part of this site. You get a photo on your screen, and you have to decide if you like that user or not.

When you like somebody, they’ll get a notification. The same happens when somebody likes you. If you like somebody who thinks you’re cute, hit that heart button and say “Hi” on chat.

Matchmaking Process

“Cute or Not?” isn’t the only way to find matches on the site. You can indulge in the results their matchmaking algorithm will show you. Use classic search with filters to find your perfect match. These are some of the filters you can use:

  • currently online
  • new members
  • with or without photos (our advice is to choose profiles with photos)
  • age
  • sexual orientation
  • ethnicity
  • body type
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • location
  • username

As you can see, you can be very specific, giving you a chance to find your perfect match easily. When you do, send a free wink or a personalized message.

SeniorsToDate App Review

Studies showed that seniors are ditching PCs and replacing them with mobile phones. SeniorsToDate developers realized that, so they’ve created a very good app to answer ir members' needs.

To avoid a mistake some dating sites make while developing apps, SeniorsToDate played it safe. Their app isn’t much different from their site. It looks similar, has all the same features, but there is one convenient exception - it’s easier to use the platform on the phone. Playing “Cute or Not” is more fun than recording audios and videos to share via chat.

SeniorsToDate Services

SeniorsToDate is one of the free legitimate dating apps with free registration, but the best features will cost you a couple of bucks.

Free Features
This is what you can do for free on SeniorsToDate:

register and create a profile

browsing profiles (some members do that for days before upgrading membership)

adding a promotion message (something like a status on Facebook)

you can send up to 5 free messages and unlimited free winks

view chat rooms (without participating in the conversation)

Paid Features
Paid features include all the free features and more:

unlimited messages

sending and receiving photos, videos, and audios on chat

seeing all the photos of other members

Flirtcast - prewritten messages you can send to more than one user at the time

premium support and security

advanced filters for searching

Pricing Plans

Compared to other sites (not only sites for seniors), this site has average prices and unique pricing plans.

Plan 1
Plan 1 is a 3-day-trial. Most men use it to determine if the site is good for them. Almost all of them become long-term members and upgrade to plan 2 to stay in touch with singles they meet during 3 days of fun.
3-day-trial - $3,36
Plan 2
Plan 2 is a full premium membership. You can choose between 1 month and 3 months memberships (our advice is to take a 3-day-trial first and then go for 3 months membership to save money) when you like the site.
1 month membership - $24,49
3 months membership - $42,87
Plan 3
Plan 3 is special because it’s available only to female members of SeniorsToDate. Those are special upgrades used to make ladies feel extra safe and special. This is what they include:
extra-safe upgrade - $13,49 / month
Chataholic subscription - $19,12 / month
premium subscription - $28,12 / month

SeniorsToDate Benefits

Becoming a part of a very active community full of single seniors is the biggest SeniorsToDate benefit, but special features and chat options this dating site offers are amazing.

Milestones of SeniorsToDate

SeniorsToDate doesn’t have a lot of those. The only con might be the lack of info on profiles, but that makes you contact other members, so it’s not a con.

SeniorsToDate Reviews by Users

Read some of the reviews from the site:

Orien Branch, 69

SeniorsToDate saved my life. I was lonely and a bit depressed; it seemed like there is no single soul that cares for me. Then I discovered this dating site.

Sigmund Dolton, 57

Since my wife died 15 years ago, I haven't been on a date. Until I stumbled upon SeniorsToDate, it was a nice way to get back in the game.

Derek Love, 51

It’s funny, but my ex-wife recommended this dating site to me. We stayed in touch, so she wanted to help me. Oh my God, did she help me!

Experts Conclusion

SeniorsToDate is a legit site where you can meet other seniors, arrange dates, or chat online to kill time.

Is Chatting on SeniorsToDateFree?

Yes, but free chatting is very limited (5 messages per day). When you become a paid member, you get unlimited messages.

Can I Connect the SeniorsToDate app to my Facebook account?

No. We guess that the SeniorsToDate team wants to protect your privacy by not allowing that.

Is the SeniorsToDate App Legit?

Yes, thousands of couples in the USA and UK met on that dating app.