Fresh & Detailed Together2Night Review

Together2Night is a dating site available to residents of the USA, Canada, and Australia. Its main purpose is to connect singles who seek fun for just one night, but some couples who meet there get married. Everything is possible on Together2Night.

5 Arguments to Use Together2Night

simple to use - you’ll feel like you know everything about the site after just 10 minutes

it works - you can meet singles from the USA, Canada, and Australia

popular among younger people - the average age of female users is 24-30

every user speaks English

profiles are more detailed than on similar hookup dating sites

Membership Base

Since Together2Night is available only in the USA, Canada, and Australia, all the members come from those countries. Not all of them are born there, but you can be sure they live in one of those 3 countries. That means you can contact anybody without thinking about language barriers.

Because most users are between 24 and 35, single, and objectively attractive, you’ll want to contact many of them. The community is very active, so you can expect to get many answers to your messages. The site is open to gays and bisexuals as well.

sign up process on together2night
How to Register and Create a Profile?

The site with such a modern design has to have a simple registration process.Together2Night doesn’t disappoint because it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to register. After you fill in:

  • your gender and sexual orientation
  • age
  • email
  • password
  • location

You’ll have to verify your email, and then you can create your profile. You can upload a profile photo, write a little bit about your interests, career, likes, dislikes, etc. Since this is mainly a hookup dating site, choosing a high-quality and attractive photo is crucial to grab attention. But don’t use filters or photoshop.

together2night profile

How to Use Together2Night

Extraordinary user experience is one of the biggest benefits Together2Night offers. Looking for matches is simple even for free members, but they still spend most nights alone because free features are limited. You’ll have a lot of fun just by looking at the photos of other attractive people, but the cherry on top of the cake is the “Like Gallery”.

That’s a game of attraction where you like or dislike other members. Only people with similar interests as yours will be suggested to you, so you can be sure you have something in common with all of them.

Matchmaking Process

The “Like Gallery” mentioned before is the latest step in the evolution of matchmaking on dating sites. Be honest while creating a profile, and you’ll see a lot of singles who fit in your “perfect match” category. Like those members you’d love to spend a night with, and if they like you back, bring your A-game to the chat. Most hookups on Together2Night happen that way.

Still, many users explore the community by using manual search with numerous filters (only for premium users). You can search for singles based on location if you feel butterflies in your private parts, you want to get a date quickly.

searching on together2night

Together2Night App Review

Most hookup sites don’t have any apps, but Together2Night is not like most dating sites. The app looks similar to the desktop version, but it’s even easier to use because you can do everything with one hand. You can play in the “Like Gallery” on the go and chat with singles 24/7.

Most members use the app all the time and log in to the desktop version rarely. That’s understandable because it’s easier to exchange flirty messages on the phone while laying in bed than while sitting in front of a PC.

Together2Night Services

Together2Night review without the list of services would be incomplete, so we’ll list what you get as a free user and a premium member.

Free Features

sign up and creating a profile

using the “Like Gallery”

sending free winks (unlimited)

sending messages (limited, up to 5)

adding people to “Favorites” so you can easily find them later

viewing photos of other members (but not in full-size)

using basic search (with limited filters)

Paid Features

unlimited messages

viewing all the photos in full-size• sending and getting videos and photos on chat

sending and getting videos and photos on chat

appearing higher in search results

manual search gets new filters• you’ll get a notification when somebody reads your message

you’ll get a notification when somebody reads your message

premium support and advice

incognito mode to hide from members you don’t like

Pricing Plans

For some people, price is the most important factor while joining dating sites, but that shouldn’t be the case. If the site works and can satisfy your needs, saving a couple of bucks on a cheap site won’t make a big difference.

Plan 1
Together2Night membership is divided into 3 plans. Plan 1 is a 3-day-trial. It’s almost free, and it unlocks all the premium features. You can’t take it more than once, so give your best to get the most out of it. In the end, you’ll probably upgrade to the full membership anyway.
3-day-trial - $2,14
Plan 2
Plan 2 is a 1-month full membership. Most members take it after seeing what they can get on the site while using a 3-day-trial. Together2Night price for 1-month membership is average compared to similar dating sites. You can save more money by taking Plan 3.
1 month membership - $20,19
Plan 3
Plan 3 is the same as Plan 1 and 2 when it comes to features, but it lasts longer. That means you’ll spend less money the longer membership you take. Getting a 6-months membership will cost you only $11,53 per month.
3 months membership - $41,09
•6 months membership - $69,20

Together2Night Benefits

This review is all about the benefits of Together2Night, so let’s recap. Responsive community, advanced matchmaking, slick design, and affordable prices will win you over.

Milestones of Together2Night

This dating site doesn’t have a lot of cons. If you ignore fake profiles that will contact you from time to time, you won’t have any issues on the site.

Together2Night Reviews by Users

This is what members have to say:

Paul Peterson, 59

I was looking for free dating sites for over 50, but this site's design lured me. Hot singles made me stay.

Meg Williams, 30

This is the first review I ever wrote on any dating site, but Together2Night is just so good it deserves every praise.

Amy Young, 21

My first night on a site was fireworks! Hundreds of messages, naughty photos, and a lot of dates in the making.

Experts Conclusion

Together2Night helps singles who desire casual relationships find partners. Thanks to the big community and advanced matchmaking, it succeeds in the majority of cases.

Is Chatting at Together2Night Free?

Yes and no. You get 5 free messages, but unlimited chat is a premium feature.

Can I Connect the Together2Night app to my Facebook Account?

Facebook registration or connecting a profile to Together2Night isn’t possible.

Is the Together2Night App Legit?

Yes, you can meet singles and arrange hookups on Together2Night.